The permanent exhibition 
The MAGMA was conceived to tell the technological, artistic and human story of the Follonica ironworks in its heyday, at the peak of its production.

For much of the nineteenth century, the building housing the museum contained a state-of-the-art blast furnace for the smelting and casting of iron, known as the Saint Ferdinand Furnace.
The new permanent exhibition brings the old foundry back to life with interactive and multimedia displays arranged in three broad sections, one on each floor.

Art, on the first floor, showcases the outstanding levels of specialization and sophistication achieved by the Follonica Foundry.
- History, on the second floor, takes a look at the genius loci of the local district, which enabled iron production to flourish here for millennia.
- Production, on the lower-ground floor, shows the complex technological system used by the ironworks to smelt and cast iron.

In each thematic section, different rooms develop and investigate specific aspects and explore issues directly connected with the smelting and casting of iron.
Using historical documents and primary evidence, videos and reconstructions, the exhibition sheds light on the complex network of interrelations spawned by the creation of this small, but historic ironworks.